I was first introduced to visual storytelling when my parents gifted me a GoPro Hero 3 for a birthday several years ago. Since then, I've added more cameras to my bag and have worked to improve my craft behind the lens and in editing applications.


Every year, I look forward to Google’s Year In Search videos. In 2019, I decided to make my own. Throughout the year, I kept track of important moments and hypothesized the world’s most popular searches. Crafting a story around a list of random moments was one of the most challenging writing projects I have worked on to date.

*In reality, these annual Google videos are based on loads of global searching data – information and trends that I did not have. Additionally, each clip must be approved by the original owner – an obstacle I did not have to deal with as a student.


In January of 2018, I bought a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia. Although a four minute video could never really sum up four months of backpacking, I was still interested in capturing my favorite moments. 

I used the project as a chance to practice filming techniques and certain editing tricks such as speed ramping, masking, and multitrack audio balancing. 

Destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 


Throughout the last few years, I've found that photography can be a unique way to give people, wildlife, and landscapes a voice that may otherwise be ignored. 


Some friends and I converted used Wyoming horseshoes into artwork. We sold the crosses, wine racks, and coat racks to friends and family around Virginia. Each piece included a tag noting the history and significance of the shoes. (Click to expand)